A Visit to the Shop - CYCLOID

Last week, Kevin from Engine 11 stopped by the shop to photograph us for a new photo project he is working on - CYCLOID.   Cycloid is a project where Kevin Kang (founder) aims to photograph the cycling scene as it grows and matures through racing, and the many different disciplines to which he defines himself. Kevin, the founder of LA's own Engine 11 (an amateur cycling team competing in Fixed Gear Criteriums around the country and the world), has been a part of the LA Cycling Culture since it's early roots of the Fixed Gear Riding Style. Now Kevin can be found managing a team and a brand. http://engine11bikes.com/                                                                         http://cycloid.me/   [gallery ids="6903,6904,6905,6906,6907,6908,6909,6910,6911,6912,6913,6914,6915,6916,6917,6918,6919,6920,6921,6922,6923"]

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