Our favorite bag: The Jammer

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The Jammer might just be our favorite bag. What a thing to say, huh? Especially for a company thats trying to sell you some other bags. Well, it's true. And the jury is out on this one. Our team and fellow bike friends are loving it! It's the best damn do-it-all bag around. Stick it on your town bike for farmers market hauls with enough room for a 12 pack. Use it on your next major bike packing tour for easy access to all your necessities like your phone, multi-tool, and "medicine." What else can we say....oh yeah: the thing's got a seam-sealed liner which means you could bike around all day in a torrential storm and you're shit's going to stay bone dry. You can order it in a boat load of colors, including a washed denim to give your bike that perfect high-waisted 90s mom look. If you don't believe what we have to say, just watch this little video to hear what Kurt ("trail tricks" bike kook) has to say about it. Kurt just put three Jammers to the test on a big trip "down-undah" in Australia. See his set up and some photos from the trip here.

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  • The Jammer changed my life.

    It held more stuff than my $2k/mo SF apartment, so I bounced on the lease.

    When I needed it to do something it did it right, and without complaining, so I dumped my gf.

    I can’t remember the last time I purchased a beer. When I roll up the the ride everyone hands them to me. So I quit my job.

    The jammer showed me what true living is. If it doesn’t fit in the bag you don’t need it, man.


    • DILL