Ian and his Americano

If you're in San Francisco, you will see Food Couriers working for TCB all over the Mission, jamming through intersections, making those deliveries on bikes of all types and set ups unique to the individual rider. One Courier, a good friend of the shop, Ian Mcdonnell is a great representation of an American hard working man. Ian works for the courier service TCB - A SF based Bicycle Courier and Food Delivery Company. Ian relies on his Americano to aid him in all of his daily travels. For the job, the #1 requirement (well other than a bicycle) is a sturdy bag large enough to carry multiple deliveries around SF. That is where we step in with our Americano and the many features that is has to help couriers across the country [and the world] do their job as quickly and effectively as possible. Ensuring that the food stays hot and safe, here at Road Runner Bags; we've got your back! Now check out Ian and his rad set up: [gallery columns="5" ids="6926,6927,6928,6933,6929"] Bio:

Name: Ian "Danger Party" McDonnell, rider #168

From: Tucson, AZ

How did you start riding bikes: Necessity. A vessel to do things with my life. Honestly, I got a DUI when I was 17 so I started riding bikes out of necessity. I always lived at punk houses, which always have pile of broken bikes, so I learned how to wrench, out of necessity. It kinda grew from there, into daily rides and then aimlessly bike touring wherever I please. And now I make a living on the saddle.

What brought you into SF mess culture: After moving to Oakland from Portland, with unemployment checks running out, and finding the adult film industry more competitive than i though it would be, i realized i needed a job. A chance run-in at an intersection with a TCB rider led to an interview, and it progressed from there. So basically, I got into mess work because i got into work.

How did you hear about Roadrunner: I needed a bigger bag and my friends in the Angelopes (a LA based bike punk crew famously known for their tall bike expeditions) pointed me in the right direction.

How does your Americano Roll Top make work easier: Here at TCB Courier, we dip our pens in a lot of different ink. Volume and compartments. I can put multiple food deliveries in the main bag, envelopes and documents in the rear pocket, and strap bulk box jobs and whatever on the outside.

Tips and tricks for newer riders: Be a professional. Always. Hold yourself to a high standard. Don't get hot at the idiot security guard that sends you in the wrong loading dock. You will probably see him again in a few days, and he holds the power of building entry. However, don't take no guff, fuck that guy.

Be concise: Time management. 5 minutes is a long time. And plans can change dramatically. Always have a plan that can move fluidly, always know your 20 and status and what your line is and where it ends. Line yourself up before it ends (don't clear up hella far away from new jobs in the middle of nowhere). Be realistic on how long that freight elevator ride to the 57th floor is gonna take after you sign in with security.

Expect the worse: Be prepared, mentally and physical. If this was an easy job then i wouldn't have a job. The door will be locked. The address may not exist. Your radio will get a jammed signal when your phone dies. You will get a flat when you have 8 on board that are due in 20 minutes. You will get hit by a car in the rain right after you fix that flat. And time keeps rolling.


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