One hell of a ride

[gallery columns="2" ids="8705,8693,8694,8697,8695,8698,8699,8700,8701,8704"] Carson to DTLA is no easy feat when you're hauling 100+lbs on the rear of your cargo bike. Luckily our shop Haul-A-Day made that challenge easier than ever! With a brutal 15.5 miles ahead of me (and a challenging head wind to boot), I chugged on with dtla in the distance. Total ride time was 2 hours 15 mins but hey, I don't care as long as I'm out there peddling. As we began our cruise into downtown and the building's seemed to magically appear, I was relived because yeah I'll say it, I was hurting! Stopping for a mid ride refuel, couldn't have been more needed. The Cold Brew Coffee really puckered me up and kept me moving towards the destination. As I arrived to the shop, we had to take the freight elevator to the 3rd floor, I was assisted into the space and we set our sights on the next leg of photography - the studio shots. Soon after that we removed the rolls, cleaned up the bike and continued working. What a life! All photography captured by Wifeye

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