The Lil Guy Mini Pack - Redesigned and better than ever!

[gallery columns="2" ids="8316,8309,8307,8306,8305,8303,8302,8300,8299,8298"] We dedicated 2016 to being the best year ever! And for that we need bags that will suit our needs. This year is going to be full of new product launches as well as new designs on old and existing products. First on our list is the Lil Guy Mini Pack! This rugged hip bag has been a staple in the shop for the last few years - well until now! We pulled the bag and brought it back as a whole new piece. One that is lighter, tougher, multi-functional and more water resistant. Better than ever! We have been taking this "guy" out on the town and wow; the stoke is high! We always though the previous design of the hip bag was killer but now nothing compares! Don't get us wrong, the previous design is choice but the new version is now available in X-Pac (a lighter more water resistant material to cordura), which really takes the cake on the bag. To get this bag out there we are offering Free Domestic Shipping with the code BumBag - when checking out on   For more info shoot us a line:

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