We've Moved!

After much blood, sweat and many many tears; we packed up all of the equipment and moved on to a beautiful space in Downtown LA!

Wow where do I begin, well I'll start with all of the equipment that it takes to make anything from the smallest of wallets; to the largest of back packs.

Here is a touch of what we have acquired over the years:

  1. Walking Foot Industrial Machine
  2.  Walking Foot Industrial Machine
  3. Single Needle Light Weight Industrial Machine
  4. Heavy Duty Zig Zag Machine
  5. Heavy Duty Bar Tack Machine
  6. Walking Foot Cylinder Head Machine
  7. Rolls upon rolls upon rolls of fabric
  8. XXL Cutting Table
  9. Large Cutting Table
  10. Half Table for Webbing
  11. Fume Extractor
  12. Hot knife
  13. Many different types of tools to fill a small 1 car garage
  14. A wall of scissors
  15. A wall of rulers and different measuring devices
  16. A wall of patterns
  17. Boxes and boxes of extra hardware/ supplies/ thread/ and all types of webbing
  18. Bins of stock of the small products
  19. Bins of extra fabric
  20. Filing Cabinets
  21. Office Desks
  22. Chairs and Stools
  23. Trash Bins and other small bins for hardware/ other tid bits
All that was loaded up in a U-Haul and packed ever so efficiently. In one full business day we packed up the old space, loaded the truck, and then unloaded it into the new space.

Some photos of the journey along the way:

[gallery columns="4" ids="6177,6169,6174,6180,6168,6182,6175,6170,6171,6183,6181,6173,6179,6176,6172,6178"] If you are ever in DTLA and want to swing by please feel free to do so. Send us an email through the contact page on our website!

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