How to choose the right Cycling Bag for me

With all the bike packing gear and commuter backpacks we offer, you're left saying, "Which one is right for me?" This is especially true for new riders as well as adventure seekers. Well, here's a guide to help you decide which bicycle bag will be your daily commuter bag to your ultimate bike backing bag. 

1. Casual Cyclist: "I just want a small bag for my bike." or "I'm just getting into cycling."

All of our Small Bike Bags and Hip Bags are great options to put all your EDC. Although considered "small bags," you'll be surprised how much you can fit in these compact cycling bags. These bags start around $30.
Here are some examples (click the picture to go to product):

musette cycling bagcycling hip bagfanny pack lil guy bagcycling cell phone pouch


2. Avid commuter bag minimalist: "I want my bags to say, 'I'm here to party, but I wanna be formal too.'"

Our handlebar bags and saddle bags are probably your best bet here. They hold a ton of stuff and still around $40 for most bags. You'll want to definitely check out the "Burrito Bags" first.

cycling pack burrito bag drafter saddle bagcamera handlebar bag


3. Bike Packing Adventurist: "I want my bike to have a place to put all my essentials and more."

Here are some great bags for bikepacking and the person that wants to carry their camping gear, water, food, and survival tools. Our favorite is the "Jammer" (first image).

jammer medium bike packing bagdry sack waterproof cycling bagwedge triangle frame bagjumbo jammer bikepacking bags


4. Bike Messenger: "My bag is used to carry large quantities of goods frequently."

The best bag for messengers is the definitely our larger backpacks, such as the Large Anything pack or our biggest, baddest courier bag The Americano (shown respectively)

large bike messenger bagwaterproof messenger bag


5. Urban survivalist: "I use my bag for school, work, groceries and as a fashion staple."

Our Backpacks are definitely your preferred choice here. Some examples are, Evil Mini, Slacker Day Pack, or The Anything Pack.

medium anything pack for cyclingevil mini cycling backpacksmall roll top backpack for cyclistsslacker day pack for cycling


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