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Cell Pouch 1.0

Cell Pouch 1.0

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This is a bag made for any style backpack, messenger bag, or belt!

The holder is designed to fit the iPhone 6 (please take not that the iPhone 6 w/ a slim case is the max this pouch will hold!) and other similar sized phones.

This holder can be attached to almost anything! 
We’ve seen our customers attach it to their stem, top tube, handlebars; seat rails, and like 1000 other things.


This pouch is very weather resistant but not waterproof! The pouch itself is very durable and made to last a lifetime.

Additional Information:

Weight - 2oz

Dimensions - 4.5" x 3" x 1"

The outer shell is made from 1000D Cordura Brand Material while the liner is constructed of 18oz Truck Tarp Nylon.

The bag cinches to the shoulder strap with 2" Nylon Webbing and heavy duty Velcro.

Review (verified owner):

Construction is top notch and have to say my little girl loves the purple.

My only issue is that it doesn’t actually fit my iPhone 5s inside it’s Otter Box preserver dry case. The cell pouch itself isn’t waterproof so I can’t just put my phone in without the case (though I’ve never actually tried to see how the fit is).

I managed to wrap the velcro strap high so that the top flap just reaches. It works, but a better fit would be ideal.

Would I buy another one that was taller to fit my phone? Absolutely.

I hope they come out with a few sizes to fit the different phones now.

Review :

I love this product. It’s perfect for listening to music while biking & having quick access to check for directions, etc. It would be nice if it was slightly bigger to accommodate phones with larger cases . All in all, another rad item that I find essential for commuting in the city.


Cell Pouch 1.0
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road runner bags cell pouch 1.0
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