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Road Runner Bags burrito handlebar bike bag

Burrito Handlebar Bag

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We hope you're hungry! Meat our Burrito Handlebar Bag. The simplicity aids in its utilitarian design: “Simple yet Functional.” We have taken this bag to the next level using a durable YKK water resistant zipper (to insure all your items are safe and dry), locking velcro for easy installation, and durable 1000 D Cordura brand, Cordura. Only the best. We back this bag fully with our lifetime guarantee (see About Page for more info). (insert page info)

USE: Let's say you are leaving your house for a morning ride. Is it cold? Will it be hot later? Do you need extra clothes or maybe a place to stash the clothing once the sun comes out? Maybe you are riding somewhere that has no boushy coffee shops near and you're hungry? From many situations in the past, needing some food and having full pockets, the Burrito Bag was born! Whether your on the streets, up in the mountains or enjoying some country side riding; this bag is for you. Never run out of room again.

SIZE: The size is equal to a California Burrito. Measuring 8″ long and 3″ wide, you'll really be able to go to town! Take a bite and jump right in.

Weight: 2oz

Dimensions: 8" x 3" x 3"

For correct function, please follow these simple steps to correctly install your Burrito Handlebar Bag to the handlebars of your bicycle.

1. Determine the correct positioning of the bag for mounting it on the handlebars. Make sure there are no cables to interfere with the bags positioning as well as any lights or computers attached to the handlebars.

2. Install the top straps on the furthest out mounting points (loosely) then center the bag on the bars. Now fully tighten the straps and tuck the remaining webbing behind the bag.

3. Install the head tube strap as the 3rd mount for the bag which works to keep the bag snug against the head tube and eliminates all swaying and rocking of the bag. 

4. Shred!

Made of 1000D Cordura Brand Material and heavy duty velcro brand webbing

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Review  (verified owner):

I just took this little number on a mini tour up around Vermont / Adirondack’s / NYC loop and it’s a winner . I like to tour in a merino t-shirt sans pockets so the burrito took on the job of carrying all my snacks , phone , maps , charger , bananas , shades, gloves , arm warmers etc with room to spare . I had a couple of big rain days and everything stayed nice and dry . It’s also very easy to access while rolling and a great alternative to a large bulky handle bar bag . so Big up to the burrito handlebar bag !!!!!!


Road Runner Bags burrito handlebar bike bag
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Road Runner bags burrito bag
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