Q. Hours of Operation

A. We operate Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm Pacific Standard Time, Saturday - 11am - 5pm; so if you're trying to get in contact with us via phone/ email and we do not respond, it's because we are out riding our bikes!!

Q. Where do you ship? 

A. We will ship everywhere except for Japan, S Korea, and all countries in the European Union. However- you can still get your hands on our gear through our distributors for these regions. We encourage you to check out:

Japan & S Korea: https://www.roadrunnerbags.jp/

Countries of the EU: https://www.roadrunnerbags.eu/

Q: Customs Charges

"My order is being shipped outside of the US; who will pay the customs charges if they occur?"

A: The customer is 100% responsible for all charges that may occur after the order has been shipped out of our LA warehouse.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but roadrunnerbags cannot be held responsible for fees/ charges/ tariffs that your "ship-to" country may apply to the order.

For any questions about this please contact us and we will do our best to help.


Q. Do you sell to shops? Wholesale price list?

A. Yes we do, please visit our Become a Retailer page for more info or email us roadrunnerbags@gmail.com

Q. How can I get a quote for shipping?

A. You can get a price for shipping as you check out through our website. Just proceed through the steps of the cart.


Q: Which is your shipping provider. 

A. We ship via USPS. 

Q. Where are the bags made?

A. In Downtown LA by us! We have a private workshop with skilled workers producing each bag by hand. 

Q. Is there tracking on my bag?

A. Yes! You can send an email to roadrunnerbags@gmail.com, but please note that there is no tracking on international orders.

Q. When will my bag be shipped out?

A. This answer can fluctuate at different times. Right now, we are a bit backed up so most orders are shipped out in 3-5 weeks, but most of the time they are shipped out sooner. Also, please keep in mind that backpacks may be shipped out in 4-5 weeks, but small accessories can sometimes be shipped out in about 2 weeks.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We have a private workspace in Down Town Los Angeles, near the Fashion District. Contact us for visiting hours!

Q. Do you have a shop/store where I can come and check out a bag? 

A. Yes! We do have a private workspace, but we do allow customers to schedule an appointment for when they would like to come by and see some rad gear!

Our "shop" visiting hours are M-F 3-7pm.

Email or call us to schedule your appointment today!