Resale Policy

Interested in selling all things RRB? Please review our Resale Policy below. Any violation of our Resale Policy will result in immediate suspension of your account.

Once your account has been approved, you will be emailed the login info to our Wholesale Site. Please read our policy below to make sure you are thoroughly up to snuff with retailing Road Runner Bike Bags.

  • U.S. Retailers: We require a minimum order of $350 (not including shipping) or 10 units per product. For instance, you may purchase at least 10 Tool/Saddle Rolls of any color(s) which would be less than our $350 minimum but you are meeting the 10 units minimum.
  • International Retailers: We require a minimum order of $500 (not including shipping) or 15 units per product.
  • Ecommerce Retailers: We require a minimum order of $450 (not including shipping) or 20 units per product.

All wholesale orders must go through the Wholesale SiteWe only accept credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover and Amex) or PayPal as payment. Please note that the resale pricing is only shown when on the Wholesale Site and each wholesale priced product will start with WS-(Product Name). Only approved resellers can view the Wholesale Site but please note that when you are logged into the Wholesale Site, the retail section is still available for viewing and purchasing. For wholesale orders only purchase through the Wholesale Site! Muy importante!

RoadRunnerBags Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP): We require that our online retailers follow our MSRP to an exact point! You will find our MSRP prices on the Retail Site on each product product page. Any violation to this policy will result in an immediate suspension to your account.

Domestic Retailers: Here at RRB, we believe in the American spirit of brick and mortar stores and bike shops. With that in mind, we have a new sales model that will help brick and mortar shops compete with the online retail era. For Domestic Retailers, we allow you to drop your MSRP by (at most) 6.5%; this helps retail shops incentivize purchases by giving them the opportunity to sell for a little less. The last thing we want is for our retailers to become a RRB "test fit" station and only to have the customer purchase the item online as they walk out empty handed.

Wholesale Return Policy: No returns are accepted at this time. If you have any questions related to this issue feel free to reach out as we would love to hear from you. 

Wholesale Repair Policy: Our Wholesale Warranty follows our Retail Warranty. If your customers' bags meets our Warranty Policy, you may direct your customers' repairs to us. Please email us with the customer's email address cc'd and note the area(s) needing repair with their purchase receipt provided.

Shop purchases:  Road Runner Bags wholesale site is for wholesale purchases only. Individual, employee, mechanic, etc purchases are off limits and will result in suspension of account. For EP pricing please inquire with the email listed below.



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