Promotional Reviews Informational

Following through our recent promotional reviews campaign? If so, you're in the right place! Below are the rules and regulations governing this campaign. Please read them carefully as they are the backbone of the Promo.

In order to receive the RRB Promotional Goodie Bag, you must first leave us a RAD review. What do we mean by a "RAD" review? Glad you asked! We are looking for honest, thorough, informative and personal reviews. Ones that captivate our audience and aid in their decision making when choosing Road Runner Bags as their Cycling Specific Bag supplier.

Our goal with this campaign is to hear the voices of our customers and their first hand experiences with our products. If you're not a RRB customer, then perhaps this is where you should start. This campaign was intended for use by our customers and their reviews are the ones that matter most to us. For that we would love to reward them with a lil promotional Goodie Bag!

Rules and Regulations Governing this Campaign:

1. Must be a previous Road Runner Bags Customer (proof of purchase may be required)

2. Leave a RAD review on at least one of the three platforms listed below:

3. Fill in the blank boxes below so we know where to ship your goodie bag! We will need your shipping address as well as your personal info so we can verify you as a previous customer.


* indicates required
Platform where you left your RAD review? *
Color Preference for your goodie bag: *

4. Make sure you smash the PUNCH IT button at the bottom of the form above.

5. Patiently await the arrival of your goodie bag.

6. Spread the RRB love and share this campaign with your friends and fam!




We will gladly ship to any county outside of the United States provided that you pay the full shipping fees. We are able to cover the shipping costs of promotional goodies inside the United States but not outside. If you are located outside of the US and would like to participate in our campaign, please shoot us an email and we will happily send you an invoice for the shipping fees to your country.