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How To Install: Velo Orange Saddle Loops and a Burrito Supreme

How To Install: Velo Orange Saddle Loops and a Burrito Supreme

Here are instructions for how to install a Burrito Supreme underneath your seat using Velo Orange Saddle Loops.

VO Saddle Loop Installation

1. Completely remove one screw from each loop and loosen the remaining screw just a touch, but do not remove it. Install the loop with the flat bracket up as displayed in the top photo. Position your Philips driver through the loop then install the second screw (lightly then center the loop).

use a road runner burrito supreme under your saddle

2. Install the 2nd loop following the instructions from Step 1.

3. Begin to tighten each screw on the loop, tighten until snug(ish) then 1/4 turn.

Each screw has had one drop of Loctite 242 applied to it for added adhesion and vibration resistance. 

Installing the Burrito Supreme:

Burrito Supreme Saddle Loop Installation

1. Using the top Daisy Chain, insert the Handlebar Straps through the two center loops and string up the CAM Buckle as shown in the photo above. The extra webbing from the Handlebar Straps should run down the backside of the bag. Do not cut the extra webbing, you may need that in the future :)

Burrito Supreme Saddle Mount

2. Use the Paracord included with the Saddle Loops for attaching the 3rd mount to the bag. Attaching the cord to the Seat Stays or Brake Bridge will pull the bag out from the seat post (which is desired) and will keep it tight and give your legs plenty of room to roam. The included cord is ridiculously long to accommodate those taller riders. The set up shown above has 11" between the top of the Saddle Loop and the Brake Bridge where the cording is attached.

how to install velo orange saddle loops and a burrito supreme

3. Shred! 

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