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Slacker Featured in Wired Magazine!

Road Runner Bags Slacker Day Backpack

Back in early 2014, I answered a Craigslist ad looking for a sewer and I showed up at a garage in Echo Park where custom backpacks were being made. I figured it would be a cute "gig," but 10 years later here we are in a production facility in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. 12 machines, 10 coworkers, and a whole lot of new bag designs.

(Roll Top and Slacker, 2013)

The Slacker bag was part of the line early on but had a totally different look than what it is today. At some point, we discontinued the item because we were focusing on designing and producing more cycling-specific accessories. 

Slacker Turmeric Yellow in Italy

(BFF using the Slacker I made her in Italy, June 2019)

Fast forward to about 5 years ago. I was thinking about the idea of the original Slacker- something small and casual, but made from the same durable materials we pride ourselves on. We were missing a casual everyday carry backpack that you could pack up and throw on at a moment's notice.

Road Runner Bags Slacker Day Pack

(3M Reflective Slacker Experiment, February 2020)

I also felt that I wanted a bag that had a sense of style, a bit more focused on looking fashionable since this is meant to be an "everyday carry". I knew I wanted a tear-drop shaped lid and was also trying to keep the bag simple and affordable.

Road Runner Bags Slacker Day Pack

(Finished Slacker Batch, May 2022)

I had made samples with flat side pockets, without side pockets, with zip lids, and without zip lids, double lids, and no lids. It wasn't until last year after years of using the bag- that I made a version that consisted of everything I wanted.


Road Runner Bags Slacker Day Pack
Road Runner Bags Slacker Day Pack

(Newest Slacker Version, January 2023)

The newest version has elastic pockets that can even fit my 40oz hydroflask. It has a zipper pocket in the lid- but it's hidden underneath the lid which gives you more carrying space and adds to water resistance. It also features a laptop sleeve divider, which is essential for a bag that you'd want to use on the daily.

Road Runner Bags Slacker Day PackEarlier this year, Wired Magazine featured the bag full-page in their printed magazine. Back when I was at FIDM going to school for fashion design, I always dreamed about getting something I made printed in a magazine, and all of these years later it happened for us. I say "us" because all of this wouldn't be possible without our incredible crew that maintains the consistency of quality in the production of our design ideas.

Slacker Backpack Featured in Wired Magazine

I am so thankful to Wired for choosing to feature a bag that was made by a small local manufacturer like us. Sometimes it takes years of gradually refining and building on a product to reach peak excellence, and that is how I feel about the Slacker. I am very proud that this bag was recognized in such a meaningful way.

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