Fred Bikepacking Saddle Bag

Written By Bradley Adams - October 15 2019


October 23 2019

Looks awesome and simple, love it! What is the clearance that would be needed for it from saddle rails to the tire at maximum capacity? (small frame problems)

Mary Ann Jawili
July 09 2019

Awesome bag! Looking forward to getting one in green!

July 07 2019

What’s up Brad and the RRB Crew! When does it roll out!? I own and use your bags and haven’t had any issues…love them. I’m planning to do some bike camping and I’m stoked to see you’ve developed a saddle bag for bike camping. Gotta have one! Any plans for a drop bar harness to hold RRB Drybags?

Chris Labish
June 28 2019

Love the name!

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