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Meet the Oregon Bikepacking Team!

Meet the Oregon Bikepacking Team!

meet oregon bikepacking team brad road runner bags

Brad - The Tracker

You know him. Chief bag maker and designer. El Maestro. Brad saddled a Surly Instigator for this one, and he was pretty damn happy with his choice. Squish (suspension) in the front and a Thomson dropper post for diving into single track. Brad became known as the "Tracker" on this trip thanks to a pair of orange lensed hunting glasses he found. Give this man a MTB and he'll find you a trail to ride. The Tracker, baby. 

meet the road runner bags bikepacking team Juan


Juan dreamt of Whole Food's vegan pizza every night of tour. He used his Croc's in more ways than most people could imagine. A cup holder and fruit holder - who knew? Juan's bike unanimously won most stylish. A 1988 Rockhopper one-by with Nitto bars and a Troll fork. One disc brake in the front and a v-brake in the back. A mullet, if you will. Business in the front. Party in the back. 

ester meet the road runner bags bikepacking team


Our fire queen. She could elevate fire building and maintenance to an art form. Ester was riding a carbon Jamis with front squish and a dropper post. The lightest and most nimble bike in the fleet. Take extra care when you're walking your bike uphill because Ester might just try and ride right over you. See her coming from a mile away with her green jumpsuit and highlighter pink bags. 

tony meet the road runner bags bikepacking team


Tony the Mechanic. The man loves a good strap. He was carrying an extra 5 lbs in tools and zip-ties to make sure the ride went off without a hitch. He gave himself a nice eye shiner after shredding down some single track and meeting the dirt. He was riding his XL Surly Troll with a 26" three inch in the front, 650b 2.2" in the rear, bar end grips and a bell that told you he's coming. Tony is forever canonized for ingeniously affixing a wide-brimmed straw hat to his helmet.

Bridgette meet road runner bags bikepacking team


Bridgette likes her downhill. Get behind her and you're sure to get a face full of dust. Follow her line and get ready for some pain. This girl can ride a damn mountain bike. Bridgette was our chief navigator. She studied the route closely, knowing every food and water stop along the way.  Bridgette was on her Specialized MTB with a Jones bar and front suspension locked out. 

 meet kyle ponce oregon bikepacking team road runner bags


Kyle lost five tender ripe avocados on the first day of tour. Each avocado lost was a sin for which he could never repent. He was not allowed to carry fruit again. Kyle bought a Surly Troll for the trip and he was not disappointed. 26" wheels are alive and well. 

meet art oregon bikepacking team road runner bags 


Head of shit talking and master of bullshitting. He was completely aware of the fact that donning a scarf, cowboy hat and mustache would conjure up ideas of John Wayne. Set back on his Jones with 29 inch wheels, the lone ranger drove up hills with the total power of his enormous calves. At one point all of Art's bottle cages contained: a bottle of whiskey, 64 ounces of beer and a mug of coffee. A real cowboy. 

martin road runner bags meet the bikepacking team


Muscle. Martin carried our bikes over downed trees, through water and crags of rock. He rides his Surly Troll fast and loose. Martin was the only one on tour smart enough to pack a chair. The rest of us sat in the dirt in awe of his luxury. Martin brought many party supplies.

meet dev road runner bags bikepacking riders


Ah...Dev. Where to begin? Dev thought of doing the ride on an old beat up Giant without disc brakes and with tubes. Instead of saving a loaf of banana bread from the jowls of a surly chipmunk, he took photos instead. When we were rafting on Hidden Lake, Dev dove into the water and swam to shore all for a GU brand Stroopwafle. Dev was redeemed of all the foolish things he did on tour by bringing some dang good Chai. I'll take second wash, please!

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