My Journey with Road Runner Bags — 5 Years!

Written By Ashley Campbell - May 22 2019


Roberta Kohn (Nick Kohb’smum)
July 24 2019

To dearest Ester and the team at Road Runner Bags❤️. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness you showered on my son Nick. You have made his ride so much easier with your amazing bags. He was on a high from your kindness when he phoned me the morning he received your parcel filled with goodies. The bags look amazing and ii am told so easy to pack and use. So hugs and kisses and love from across the miles. I am sending good karma vibes to you all. Continue doing what you are doing creating incredible products and stitching every item with love and kindness.
Love to all❤️ Roberta (Australia)xxxxxx

Fernando Montoya
May 27 2019

I love this story and I love the bags. I think I’ve ordered from you guys 3 or 4 times and I’ve always been thoroughly pleased. I own the cell phone holder 2.0, large anything bag w upgrades, burrito bag, burrito bag supreme, jammer bag, hip pouch, lil guy, reflective keychain.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
You guys are awesome!

Mike Edwards
May 25 2019

I recently purchased a burrito handlebar bag. I am very impressed with the quality of this bag. It is perfect size to fit the things I need for a ride but don’t want them in my jersey pockets. Thanks for what you do making great products to make our rides better!

Tyson Bottenus
May 24 2019

Like a Brooks saddle, every bike I own has some piece of RRB on it because it’s the best quality. Keep up the good work, Ashley!

Isaac Salazar
May 23 2019

I recently got a RRB two months ago. I take it with me to work and cycle around my city. The medium roll top bag has been so good and my pins make it so good 😊. Thank you for making these bags and I’ll be having another bag soon

Brad Adams
May 23 2019

Ashley, I’ll never forget our first day working together back in 2014. We were sewing up back pack shoulder straps and at the time we were using that manual zigzag machine to create bar tacks. You remember 😜
Well you were on the zigzag and I was on Juki doing the finishing work.

We were getting all Chatty Cathy, havin’ a good ole time when I look over and see you’ve been sewing them up backwards all along. I think you were 25 deep on each side when I noticed. Of course, the work displayed was fantastic; they were all straight and equally aligned.

We spent the next 10 minutes or so trimming our tracks. We both learned something very valueble that day. I learned I talk too much and Ashley learned to wear headphones.

Ashley didn’t think I was going to call her back for a second day after the small mix up but as you know, she’s one heck of a Sewist and her skills did not go unnoticed.

Thanks for all the good times Ash! Its been a wild ride.

Jerry Lemmon
May 23 2019

Great write up; makes me like / treasure my burrito bags even more! Congrats on the work anniversary and keep those great products coming!!

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